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Luxury & Private Rehabilitation Services for Brisbane Individuals, Professionals & Loved Ones

Visit a luxury rehabilitation centre unlike any other in Australia. Hills & Ranges Private offers detoxification and recovery services that have been carefully designed to provide you with the lifelong tools to conquer addiction and stay on the right path long after you’ve left. Each of our rehabilitation services across our facilities is tailored to the individual guest, taking into consideration their history and getting to the root of their addiction. Our private centres not only provide support for substance abuse, but also offer mental health support with our depression rehab. A member of our highly trained staff is always ready to help you through your treatment.

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What Makes Our Rehab Centres So Unique?

Aside from the added comfort and luxury surroundings we deliver to our Brisbane guests, we believe that connecting with the nature neighbouring each of our beautiful and private rehabilitation centres plays an important role in a successful recovery. There is a range of activities, all directed by registered sports therapists, that will keep you physically active – a key aspect for not just a fruitful recovery, but ongoing mental health. Yoga, hiking and meditation are among the many stimulating activities that we use as part of our proven methodology to result in the highest recovery success rates in Australia. Our in-house catering team also serve fresh, balanced meals to support your body and keep you nourished, ensuring you maintain physically healthy and strong while you focus on healing your mind and soul.

Rehabilitation Services from Experienced Specialists

Hills & Ranges Private offer a luxury rehabilitation centre as the best choice for your substance addiction treatment. We will teach you how to respond to the triggers you face in your everyday life, setting you up for a recovery that will last a lifetime. Inside each of the programs, such as the alcohol rehab and drug rehab services, we have highly trained and certified staff guiding you through the stages, some having lived in your shoes and experienced the bold process of addiction recovery. This first-hand knowledge creates a deep understanding and empathy for what you may have experienced in your life, especially as navigate through your own recovery. In addition to substance abuse, we also have a gambling rehab program staffed with people that truly understand the complexity of the addiction and the horrendous effects it can have on the lives of you and your loved ones.

Every one of our services and treatment programs here at our luxury rehab centres have proven effective in overcoming difficult addictions or mental health disorders, time and time again, when combined with supportive physical therapy and detailed therapy sessions.

For more information on how Hills & Ranges Private offers support to individuals, professionals, and loved ones in Brisbane, please contact us today.

Our Key Differences to Other Private Rehabilitation Facilities

Alongside our patented 5I® Recovery Treatment Program and high-end counselling run by staff that understand addiction, our main focus that sets us apart from other private rehabilitation facilities is our natural setting and engagement with nature. We believe that an engagement with your surroundings is key, in living a physically and mentally healthy life.

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